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Sunday, February 19, 2006


Kanonji: Appleton's Sister City in Japan

Kanonji, Japan is a sister city to Appleton. Last summer Appleton was pleased to host about 20 students and several teachers from Kanonji for a couple weeks. One of the highlights of the year for my family was hosting a teacher, Keiko Onishi, a marvelous woman who made all of us want to go to Japan as soon as we can. Here are a few scenes from our time with Keiko and a final party with the students on Aug. 7, 2005. Many thanks to all the Appleton folks that made this tremendous event of international goodwill possible.

(For most photos here, clicking will enlarge them slightly.)

This is Keiko with some of my family at High Cliff Park.

Keiko teaches us the way of the lobster. She was amazed that lobsters could be purchased for less than $100 in Appleton.

Here a Japanese student to hit a piñata at the final celebration at Peabody Park.

Other students watching the piñata event.

Keiko is on the right.