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Thursday, February 23, 2006


The Appleton Mystery Photo Contest Begins!

It's time for my third Appleton Mystery Photo Contest! I haven't decided on the prize yet, but at a minimum it will include an uncirculated US Silver Eagle, the beautiful one-troy ounce silver coin minted by the US Government. I guess part of my motivation is to encourage people to consider silver as a fabulous investment opportunity. Maybe some more prizes will be added, who knows? Details on this contest will follow, but basically I'll be displaying about 25 photos here over the next couple of weeks. The person who can identify the most before the deadline (April 5 is what I'm considering now) gets the prize. Simple, eh? Save up your answers and then send them by email (jeff at

And now, here's our first mystery photo. Can you tell me what this is and identify where I was standing when I took this?

Wow Jeff, that is a hard one. How about a hint....
Inside Tom's Garage?

Signed a former Appletonian
Looks like House on the Rock to me.
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