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Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Argentine Food at Mr. Churros!

Those of you hungering for South American cuisine will be happy to know that we now have an Argentine restaurant in town. It's Mr. Churros at 207 N. Richmond Street in Appleton, just north of College Avenue and right next to Little Ceasar's Pizza. They serve Argentine-style empanadas, with many varieties of these tasty stuffed pastries. They are less than $2 each - two or three makes a fine meal. They also serve Latino sandwiches and, of course,, a couple varieties of the delicious churro (like an extruded doughnut). It's not elegant, but it's fast and tasty. Open for lunch and dinner.
Mr Churro is a trademark, for this reason, this commercial store don't have authorization for working using this name.

For more information about our franchise see:
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