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Monday, February 13, 2006


Snow Mounds in the Fox Cities

I enjoyed the appearance of snow on some piles of sand south of Appleton, taken on a cold day in December:

We now have snow on the ground again after having an early summer in January.
ok, I have to know exactly where this is, bein an Appleton photogropher myself
It's snow on top of some gravel mounds a little west of Kimberly-Clark Corp. on Winchester Road (Hwy II) in Neenah. Starting from Highway 41, exit on Highway II and go west past the lights at the Kimberly-Clark complex and continue on II past a warehouse complex. There is a road going north - I think it's Clayton. Take it north about 1 block and then turn left (just before train tracks, I think). Head east about 1 or 2 block and you will see the strange mounds on your left. I'd love to see any photos you take. It's an interesting place.
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