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Friday, February 03, 2006


Sal's Pizza: New York Style Pizza in Appleton!

I just got back from a major trip to New York City where I was thrilled to experience New York style pizza. On the plane back to Appleton, an attorney agreed with my new-found preference for New York pizza and told me to try Sal's pizza in Appleton to experience it again. He was right!

Sal's pizza is at 411 W. College Avenue and offers real pizza in the style of New York City. That means you look at a wide variety of fresh, partially cooked pizzas on display, and pick a large slice or two of the kind you want. It's put in an over for a couple of minutes and served to you piping hot and delicious. Beautiful and creative pizzas, along with popular classics. It's my favorite pizza in Appleton.

Sal's has been here just seven months. Sal comes from New York and now lives in Madison. His son runs the Sal's in Appleton. Welcome to town - and please stay!

Update: They don't deliver, but there is takeout. Call 955-4444. They also offer subs and other Italian food, and cheesecake.
I am building a blog site that will contain links to New York Style Pizza Places all over the country, Thanks to your post, I will add Sal's of Appleton to my list. If you have an interest in my site, I'd appreciate you putting a link on your blog. Thanks! Tom Sliker
Your phone number is correct for Sal's (Information didn't have it!) but when I called for a delivery I was informed they only have pickup available, NO DELIVERY!
Just Thought you should know.
There's a list of Pizza Places (restaurants too) on Just click on "Restaurants" and you'll see it.
Awesome awesome pizza. I'm hooked! too bad I don't live in appleton. The spinach pizza is great.
Great pizza! Good prices! But the service sucks sometimes. And just let you know guys that Sal does not like drunk people! But why does he work at bar time then? Dont know, maybe should ask next time :-)
And remember, NO DELIVERY!
Great Pizza!
We love the pizza. We took all the kids (5 of them) and they all loved it. Lots of different kinds to choose from so everyone was happy! No one left hungry and our bank account didn't suffer much damage!
Great Pizza! Good Service! Good Prices!
Not good enough to go and sit down and they dont deliver. They cant be doing well with all the pizza places in appleton with better pizza or delivery service.
I don't really eat pizza but a couple of weekends ago, my friends and I went out to eat after a few drinks and i'm hook! Their pizza was huge! It was yummy! And i'm going back for more!!!
It taste great. One of the best pizza I've ever eaten....and I don't even eat that much pizza!!
The best I've ever had!!!!
Sal's makes the BEST spinach feta pizza!!! You gotta try IT!! YUM!
not as good as it used to be. i am tieed of that place. everyday the same thing and customer service is bad.
I agree with the choices being so limited....they used have cool and wonderful varities and now every time I go in its the same stuff. Bring back the lagsna pizza that rocked!!!

Also they changed the rules on the rolls (the main reason "we" go there...) I work downtown and often go on pizza runs for the lunch hour - I pick up 4-5 slices (due to 4-5 people wanting one) and they give one roll...only one per person now or you have to pay...duh I am not eating 4-5 slices so give me a freaking roll for everyone person!!!
I just ordered pizza from Sal's and they now deliver as of Friday, October 9th! The best pizza just got better!
***NOTICE: READ THIS BEFORE CHOOSING TO DINE AT SAL’S PIZZA IN DOWNTOWN APPLETON***This evening I went to Sal’s pizza. It was more than an hour before closing and there were only 3 pizzas available and they had clearly been sitting there for over an hour. They also did not provide us with the customary free rolls because they were “an hour before closing”. In my experience in the food industry we didn’t stop making food until the store was closed, not over an hour before because closing because the time was near. After buying an extra ranch that was less than a teaspoon for 50 cents, my friend asked for another since we didn’t get the free roll and the amount they gave us was nowhere near satisfactory. The employee working at the time (a young Hispanic girl) immediately began to argue with him and swore at him multiple times and even gave him the finger. The owner of the establishment then chimed in telling us to “get the f*ck out.” I have worked in the food and retail business and the number one priority was CUSTOMER SATISFACTION. I mentioned this to them and also told them that due to their poor treatment of their customers we would, in turn, report this incident to others we know and discourage them from dining at their establishment, they didn’t seem to care. They even made a point to ask us why we were making such a big deal over 50 cents, well if it’s only 50 cents why are they refusing to give it to a paying customer who already bought one and chose their pizzeria over the many others available to us within a very close distance. PLEASE take note of this before you choose to dine at Sal’s in downtown Appleton.
certainly don't complain. Restaurants are businesses, the customer is not always right. If it cost 50 cents for sauce, then it is 50 cents for sauce, just because it was not the quantity you were hoping for does not mean you are entitled to more. If you buy a gallon of gas and it doesn't get you to your destination, try going back and asking for more.
I just ate at Sals in Appleton for the first time on Sat evening. I am definitely going back. I was shocked by the quality and burst of flavor that came out of such a simple looking pizza. I don't know if anyone pointed this out, but they do deliver now!
Two employees of the establishment were arrested recently for selling heroin. I don't know that I want to go back to Sal's.
Heroin, horrible pizza, and probably the trashiest family in town. Just stick to selling drugs, not making pizza.
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