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Sunday, March 18, 2007


Fuji Sushi Shines!

I recently went to Fuji Sushi at 1003 West Northland Avenue, on the south side of the street across from Northland Mall. Very impressive! This is a clean and delicious buffet with real sushi (salmon, clam, tilapia, etc.), many varieties of sushi rolls, several excellent Chinese dishes and some good deserts. Spartan d├ęcor but excellent food. For lunch of dinner, the cost is about $10 per person.

One of the best choices for sushi, especially if you don't have a lot of time. Koreana still has the best sushi in town, in my opinion, but if you want sushi in a buffet setting, you won't beat Fuji Sushi!

Closed Mondays. Phone (920) 832-1388.
I've been there before and it is delicious! I love sushi too! I've been to Koreana but I've never tried their sushi. Hopefully someday! Keep up the great work in this blog though. I am a Hmong student at Appleton West and I like to come here every now and then to see what you've been up to. I've actually met you a couple of times in the past. Long time ago but I'm a cousin of Mai Yer, and Peter them. Take care! -Jennifer Lee-
I was wondering when you were going to post something about Fuji Sushi. I love this place. I have had sushi from many different states and I have to say for the price it is fabulous. It is very fresh and tastes great. I make a plan to go at least once a week.
Nhyob zoo, Jennifer! Say hi to Peter and Mai Yer and their family - such wonderful people!
I went to the grand opening of Fuji Sushi and wasn't too impressed. I was there for a late lunch to find a meager amount of cold Chinese food and I thought the sushi was alright... in my opinion nothing beats Nakashima or Katsu-Ya for sushi!
I agree that Nakashimas has the BEST sushi in the Fox Valley. HOWEVER, Fuji Sushi is my second choice. Delicious and always FRESH. And always a full buffet and great selection! Yum!
"Nyob zoo" to some of you too! Not bad for a sushi buffet. Told myself I'd never go but I tried it for a friend and it was better than I expected. I would have to highly recommend Koko Sushi Bar and Restaurant in Greenbay (since some of you are comparing). I'm not a sushi person but once I went there, I fell in love. It's so good that if I could choose my last meal before I die, it would be at Koko's.
An alternative when you don't have the time!
I know that you are dedicated to, and all about, making your own sushi and "on the spot" (restaurants, sushi bars etc.) and probably not too excited about product that is frozen and ready for online purchase. However, there are many individuals who live in rural or small towns that do not have sushi bars and there are even more moms and dads that are working so hard they do not have the time to prepare sushi. A void that we try to fill.
In all candor, I am naturally looking for a "plug" of my product and even a mention on your website. We are a very small company looking to fill this void with the best product we can produce. We do not add extra preservatives and our rolls do not have a preservative aftertaste. We preserve our product through a proprietary recipe, vacuum packaging and flash freezing. If you follow our 'Rules" for defrosting you have an absolutely amazing roll to enjoy, straight from your freezer. As a matter of fact(and perhaps a subjective fact, if facts can be subjective as they are in politics) chefs that we have sold to are incredibly impressed with our taste and the texture and integrity of our rice and overall product.
We take a great deal of pride in what we put out there and that is why we won't sell to the Syscos for resale because it is imperative to maintain temperature. Enough of sales pitch. I am trying to make money, but I am also dedicated to putting out a quality product and introducing everyone to the wonderful world of sushi.
I would also like you, if it is ok with your policy, to let people know about an alternative, tasty and genuine maki and nigiri online availability, by visiting our website.

Thanks again
Kyle C
I agree that Fuji Sushi is not Nakashimas, or even Kokos, but it is one of my favorite lunch spots. I like the food, and am consistently treated well. Try it, you will like it!
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