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Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Cannova's - Great Italian Food in Neenah

My wife and I recently took a visitor to dinner at Cannova's Pizzeria in downtown Neenah (113 W Wisconsin Ave, Neenah, WI). This is a classy restaurant that offers great pizza and some outstanding Italian dishes. My friend, a scholar and traveller who spends a lot of time in Europe, was impressed. We went on a cold Thursday evening, and the place was packed, but we got the best table in the house at the front window. I was impressed with the salad, a very nice mix of hearty ingredient, and then truly delighted with the lamb chops, the special of the day. Honestly, I have never tasted better lamb. Perfectly done! And so tender. The lamb was presented on a bed of risotto with beets on the side. Very pretty. The risotto was a little too "al dente" for me, but was very good nonetheless. And the beets were outstanding.

My wife tried the scallops and was pleased. Our guest tried another pasta dish and enjoyed it as well. But I think I had the best of the three dishes.

The selection of deserts was hard to resist. I kept things light with a simple orange sherbet, but it was a high quality version.

Service was very good. The place is attractive and lively, but not too noisy - no hideous music blaring. Easy to have a conversation.

Entrees range from about $9 to $17 each. Reasonably priced.
I went there just a few nights ago for my birthday. We had reservations for 7:30, two people. Not too tough, right? We sat and sat and sat (in the foyer) waiting for our table. Every time the door opened I was hit with a blast of cold air. They asked our names three times, pretended to look at the reservation, and smirked. After 45 minutes of waiting for a table, we left. Will I go back? There are plenty of great Italian restaurants in the Fox Cities that honor reservations and know customer service. I will try that long list before returning.
Me too. I never got a table. They took my reservation over the phone. When I got there, they said that they don't accept rez. for only two people. I waited over an hour and finally left. If a party of four walks in, they will give them your table and you wait.

I have had similar experiences w/a group of people when we made a reservation. We waited almost an hour past our reservation time, which made me angry because I took my friends there telling them how fantastic this place was. After we told a gentleman we were going to leave, he sat us immediatley and gave us a free bottle of wine-turned out he was the owner. Exceptional food, but need to get their act together when it comes to seating/reservations.
I was lucky when I made my reservation, everything was great! We ate some pizza with prosciutto!! DELICIOUS!!
We took another couple there last night. got on the waiting list right away and were told 45 minutes... Waited an hour and 3/4 while we watched people walk in and get seated. We watched two four tops with only two people each on them sit there the whole time after they finished eating. Were told there was nothing they could do, but they kept filling their water glasses and ignoring the waiting check folder.
We did, however, vote with our feet and will never go back.
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