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Sunday, March 04, 2007


Neenah High Fly Community Kite Festival 2007

Here's a press release I received from a local kite enthusiast. Sounds like a terrific event. Recent advances in kite technology and mastery are simply amazing.

It's Springtime, so it's time to get out the kites and have some family fun at the Neenah High Fly Community Kite Festival on Saturday and Sunday, May 5-6th at Neenah High School, 10:00 am - 4:00 pm. For information, contact Andy Becker at (920) 725-5721.

This year, Craig Wilson will be the featured kite performer. Wilson's Kite Aerial Photography exhibit will feature 32 extraordinary photos taken from a camera suspended in the air by a kite. His work has been featured internationally and has won several awards. Wilson’s recent publication, "Hanging by a Thread" is available at Barnes and Noble in Appleton where he will also promote the kite festival with a lecture and book signing event.

Mary Becker, President of the Neenah High School Kite Club will be leading the free kite making workshops. The kite making is free and open to kiters of all ages! She explains, "we have patterns for a paper kite that is easy to make, and fun to fly."

There will be sport stunt kite demonstrations and lessons, many large inflatable and ground display kites, incredible indoor flying performances, as well as outdoor fun flying! Everyone is welcome to attend. Join us for a terrific fun-filled day with friends and family as we fill the sky with kites!

Have you ever flown a kite indoors? Well, unless you are the Cat in the Hat, you may have never even considered the idea. But wait! Are there big fans and lots of space of to run? Well not quite, indoor kite flyer Andy Becker explains, "flying indoors is best without wind since the kites are made from ultra-light materials and respond to the slightest air current; they are designed to be aerodynamically efficient so that just minimal movement with the line with cause lift." The indoor kiter walks slowly and creates just enough lift to keep the kite in the air. There will be several indoor kites available for new kiters to try in the Neenah High School Field House during the Festival.

Members from several kite clubs, including the American Kitefliers Association, the Wisconsin Kiters, as well as many other regional clubs will be on site with their collections of kites. So it's time to dust of those old kites from the basement or closet, and bring them on down to Neenah High School! Have you got a kite that would never fly quite right? Perhaps it just needs a bridle adjustment, or maybe you just need a few lessons with a national kite competitor to help learn those tricks you've been trying to master . . . regardless of your kiting experience, everyone is welcome to join this great family event! Hope to see you there!