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Sunday, February 25, 2007


A Couple of Winter Scenes

Heavy snow blanketed the Fox Valley today, leaving about 8 inches that demanded a lot of work to remove from streets and driveways. The first photo below is a handy sidewalk snow removal vehicle in Neenah, decorated in Packers colors, of course. The second photo shows an old vine on a wall in Neenah retaining a little of the snow from today's storm. Also shown are a dump truck carrying away snow (for those who didn't imagine we'd use dumptrucks for snow removal out here), a bush in my front yard, a self-portrait (the reflection in the red ornament), and a Neenah cemetery in snow (taken just before the last big storm).

Hey! The second picture you took today- would be a great senior picture background! What do you think?
Hello Pearl!!

Yes, that building actually has a number of interesting features that could work for that. It's the south side of the Blue Moon Coffee Company, 303 N Commercial St, Neenah.
It's almost too late, but I'm glad it's starting to look and feel like winter around here. The snow hasn't been good packing snow until this recent snowfall, giving the family a chance to finally build some snowmen.

I'm fortunate to have some big snow-moving equipment, so I'm building a nice sledding run for the family from the ground up with snow.

Fun stuff.
Hi Jeff,
Thanks for posting more winter pics.
Now that you pointed out the garbage truck, I laughed out loud. OK...Where
do they take the snow? :)
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