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Friday, July 27, 2018


A World of Difference: Storm the Lawn Pro (Recommended) vs. TruGreen (a.k.a. Chemlawn)

As I write, two very professional and knowledgeable technicians from the local Storm the Lawn Pro lawn care service are treating the lawn here in Appleton for a family member. I had some questions about the lawn and the best way to cope with some problems, and got some helpful guidance from them. I'm impressed with the technicians and glad that Storm the Lawn Pro was recommended to me by a local contractor.

Before they came, I initially tried to get help from ChemLawn, now rebranded as TruGreen. I used ChemLawn years ago and was fairly happy with them. I have met one of TruGreen's local technicians and think they are also professional and knowledgeable, but am frustrated with the remote customer service out of Indiana, I think. There were multiple gaps in communication and details that had been improperly input into our account information.

For communication about upcoming service, the options were a call from a machine or a text (from a machine). No way to get both! When I explained that I wanted to make sure I was there when the technician came and wanted some kind of personal communication,  I got a lecture about how they are a lawn care company, not a plumber or home repair service, and that "in this day and age" you can't expect personalized service.

That was pretty frustrating, because in this day and age the smart companies are using technology to provide better communication and more personalized service, not less of both. I also learned that what sales tells you and what customer service thinks you have been told is not the same. There were communication gaps and flaws of several kinds before we even got started with the first visit. I canceled the service, but I still think the people they hire out here are going to be good ones.

I may have been really happy with TruGreen also, but their remote customer service got in the way for me. Many others are happy with them, so don't let me little frustrations change your ming if you want their service. But I was very happy with Storm the Lawn Pro's service. I hope the results will be consistent with my initial positive impression.

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