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Friday, September 22, 2017


Tragic Violence in Appleton

While Appleton has been recognized as one of the safest and most wholesome communities in the United States, the community is currently dealing with the tragedy of two murders in one week. One of the victims was a young man I have known for several years, Ben Graves. See the Post-Crescent story. He was shot in a scuffle with a couple of drug dealers, it appears, over an argument about half an ounce of marijuana. What a terrible waste of life for something so senseless. In a story I am less familiar with, another victim was shot on Olson Avenue. I've heard it may have been a man shooting his girlfriend, but am not sure.

Two murders in one week. What tragedy for the families involved and for the whole community. Small town America is not nearly so calm and peaceful as we once imagined.

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Well with today's generation, even tough how safe a city is, we cannot deny that there will always be someone who are bad enough who can do such thing. That's why we need to be alert at all times and take extra careful.
There were many violent things that happened in Appleton, not just this "drug dealer" situation. There was a situation were a man killed his entire family. I think if we choose to talk about this situation, the other senseless acts of violence should also be discussed. See link to the story that I mentioned above. Yes with growth, cities do experience some violence. I agree we need to be alert at all times and be careful.

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