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Thursday, July 29, 2010


The First Electric Car?

Here's a proud moment from Appleton's history, courtesy of the Wisconsin Historical Society, where you can see the clipping directly.

According to the Appleton History page from the Appleton Public Library, the first electric street cars began operating in Appleton on August 16, 1886. Appleton was also the first community in the nation to have electric street cars. They ran until 1930. A couple other cities have claimed to have the first electric street cars, but one must realize that they are terribly biased. Here in Appleton we are simply objective lovers of history.
I really did not know,when the first electric car founded?
By this blog i know it.The first Electric car founded in August 16, 1886.......
Thanks for Information!!!!!

- Salvage Car
Here's a nice Youtube video, showing the end of that era:

- BC
California (Appleton native)
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