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Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Lonewolf in Appleton - Excellent Food, Best Burger in Town

Update 2010: Lone Wolf is now closed.

Tumbleweed Mexican Restaurant is no longer. In its place on Casaloma just west of the Fox River Mall (actually 1104 Mutual Way, Appleton) is the new Lonewold Mesquite Grill. Awesome place with an exciting menu. Good mix of steaks and pasta to choose from, but what I tried was the buffalo burger - a big, thick patty of delicious buffalo meat. So good that I'm naming this as the best burger in Appleton, at least that I've tasted so far. My wife and I were also very impressed with their fries.

Service was outstanding. Background music is low enough for easy, pleasant conversation. A patio lets you dine outside, if you wish.

Lonewolf Mesquite Grill: (920) 832-0422
best burger ive had in the valley has been from Charcoal Grill. I'll try this one though.. I did try Mi Pueblo on your recommendation and enjoyed it, though I question if it can make it in that location.
Agree - Mi Pueblo is good but so close to Wal-Mart might make it hard for people to notice.
As a huge burger fan I will definitely have to give this one a try. Currently and very recently Willie Beamon's took the top spot in my book as the best burger.

The food at Lonewolf is excellent and the service is great. I love the grilled chicken sandwich and the baked sweet potato. The potato was so huge I couldn't finish it. The lunch menu is awesome too! I also love the homemake chips they serve in red, white and black. All in all it was a great experience and I would go back tomorrow!
We drove from Oshkosh today to try the buffalo burgers at Lone Wolf. FYI-- It is permanently closed.
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