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Monday, May 25, 2009


Waverly Beach: Better Seafood than Ever

A few years ago I tried a fish fry at Waverly Beach and it was pretty good. Went again a couple of weeks ago and it was even better. Most of the activity at Waverly these days seems to be in the large bar area, but behind the bar overlooking Lake Winnebago is a reasonably sized dining area with good service and excellent, inexpensive food. And I really love the view of the lake.

My wife ordered a seafood combination plate with shrimp, haddock, perch, and scallops. All were deep fried. I am not normally a fan of deep fried food, but it was done so well at Waverly's that I couldn't resist. The breading was light and thin, so it didn't overwhelm the seafood or cover it in grease. What really impressed me was that at least three different batters appear to have been used: a spicy batter for the shrimp, a light batter for the perch, and a traditional batter for the haddock. I'm not quite sure, but the point is that they different seafood items were all prepared in distinct ways that helped bring out the flavor, instead of everything being teated the same and tasting the same. The scallops were perfect - not overcooked. The haddock was my favorite, but the shrimp was also excellent.

I ordered a Philly sandwich with prime rib. The meet was sliced fairly thick compared to the normal Philly style sandwiches, but was very good. Nicely seasoned. I enjoyed it - but especially enjoyed nibbling at my wife's food.

The sandwich was $9 and the seafood plate was $14, as I recall. Not bad at all! Hope to be back soon.