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Sunday, April 26, 2009


Right Here in River City: Appleton Area High Schools Succeed with The Music Man

I have no idea how the drama departments of three large high schools were able to work together so successfully, but the results were stellar. Appleton North, West, and East High Schools all collaborated to produce The Music Man, a difficult and demanding musical. Directors from each of the schools managed different scenes but maintained excellent unity.

My wife and I attended the performance on Friday night at Appleton West High School. Nearly sold out. There were only a couple of very minor and brief glitches, including a little difficulty with some aspects of the sound system, but virtually everything went well and the student performers were simply amazing, the orchestral pit and band players included. I'm continually impressed at the depth of musical and dancing talent we have in the Appleton area.

Many thanks to the Appleton Area School District for a wonderful success, and to each of the three schools for making it happen. Thanks also to area elementary and middle schools for providing additional talent, and to the many parents and teachers who sacrificed a lot for this big performance. One more reason to be proud of Appleton and our schools!