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Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Eastside Classics: String Quartet for Hire

Call it nepotism, but I'm pleased to do a little advertising here for my son, Benjamin Lindsay. Benjamin is part of Eastside Classics, an experienced string quartet composed of talented high school students. They can provide background or foreground music for occasions such as weddings, socials, parties, dinners, concerts, and so forth. Their rates are negotiable, but $50 per person per hour is typical ($200/hr for the group). They have a large repertoire, but you can request specific music three weeks in advance, or two weeks in advance if you provide the music.

The members of Eastside Classics are Tiffany Hu (violin), Gabi Valenti-Hein (violin), Julia Jordan (viola), and Ben Lindsay (cello).

To reserve Eastside Classics, call 920-730-1035 (preferably between about 5 pm and 9 pm if you call on a weekday).