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Tuesday, December 26, 2006


Jonathan's Italian Bistro

The newest review on my page about Restaurants in Appleton and the Fox Cities is for Jonathan's Italian Bistro, which get my award for Best Italian Dining in the Fox Cities. They are at 1910 N. Casaloma, Appleton. Phone: 920-882-7876.

Jonathan's Italian Bistro is a great place for Italian food, with rich, hearty flavors, a reasonably broad but not huge menu, good service, and attention to detail at moderate prices. Jonathan's is hard to beat for good Italian food and an enjoyable environment, though it doesn't offer much of a view if you're seated by a window (the Trasino Center strip mall doesn't offer much to look at). I've been there twice and was impressed both times. They offer warm bread with traditional olive oil and balsamic vinegar for dipping - something I truly enjoy (press torn pieces of bread along the side of the dish with the oil and vinegar to get some of the vinegar into the bread - just dipping the bread straight into the mixture will leave you with nearly all oil and not enough of the vinegar). The salad was a delight. For the two of us, they brought a large bowl that essentially had four normal servings of a fine salad with a good mixture of crisp greens and a fine Italian dressing. The pasta dishes are imaginative and excellent, such as the three ravioli dishes, all outstanding. My wife was pleased with the portabello mushroom ravioli that definitely tasted better than the related dish at Olive Garden, and had sizeable chunks of mushroom instead of a finely ground paste. I had a goat cheese and roasted red pepper ravioli that surpassed my expectations. Tangy, perfect flavor and marvelous texture. Very nice work! Another review of Jonathan's is available from Blogger Beer.

Jonathan's is part of the Supple Restaurant Group, which include Fratello's, the Melting Pot, and the Fox River Brewing Company. Their Website allows you to make online reservations for these restaurants. Cool!
I took some people to Jonathan's for lunch, and it was one of the best lunches I had ever had.

However, I then took my family back one evening for dinner and the experience was terrible. We ordered 4 different dinners and they were all bad. We have sort of sworn off this place for dinner, but I may go back for lunch sometime. For ethnic food, I highly suggest Koreana....
JIB is not too bad but not too great either. I prefer Victoria's Downtown.

I reviewed JIB sometime ago and found it good but a recent visit had me just about ready to walk out.

Koreana is good but better is Sai Ram right next to Koreana.
I have Frequented many of the Resutrants in Appleton. Up until recently there haven't been anything to extrodinary. If I wanted a truley good meal I would travel ot Milwaukee or Madison. Since JIB has been serving Italian food I have yet to find another resturant that, tastes as SURPURB. It has suited my taste buds of Big City Dining. They actually create every entree From Scratch, as well as there desserts and there sangria. What other Resturant in Appleton Does that. You know that your food is Homemade. The last time I ate homemade food was when My MOM Cooked it for me. That I feel is Impressive in its self.
Fabulous lunch!! Great food; even better service.

Terrible dinner!! Mediocre food; horrible service.
My husband and I had dinner at Jonathon's and my alfredo was full of garlic chunkc that just made the meal very unpleasant.
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