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Thursday, January 11, 2007


Hmong Hunter Killed

A terrible tragedy has befallen northeastern Wisconsin with the murder of a Hmong hunter. Vang of Green Bay, a young father of five children, was found dead near Peshtigo while hunting. Police are holding back much of the information, but are ruling it as a homicide. However, statements from a suspect's fiancee reported in the Post-Crescent suggest that Vang was stabbed to death. She says it was in self-defense.

In light of the other hunter troubles in the past couple years here, this is a particularly troubling development and tragedy.
Wow Jeff. You have tried and convicted Mr. Nichols haven't you? We are all aware of your strong feelings for the Hmong people, but you may want to rethink the title of your blog entry. NOBODY has been charged with murder. Yes, they have stated this was a homocide, but not a murder just yet. Nobody has all the facts yet, so it is a little premature to use the term "Murdered" in my opinion.

Fair point. I've changed the title from "murdered" to "killed." The police have not said that Nichols killed anyone and have only said that they are holding him as a person of interest, so I didn't mean to imply that it is known whether Nichols did it or not.

Yes, homicide does not necessarily mean murder.
WTAQ is reporting authorities are filing charges of 1st Degree Homicide among others against Mr. Nichols.

Yes, guilt is not proven yet.
Sure guilt is not proven yet, but if you read the more detailed accounts of Mr. Vang's death you'll see that this was not a simple case of "defending" oneself.

If you want to read the details you can read this article:

Desecrating a body the way Mr. Nichols did goes beyond simple defense.
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