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Wednesday, December 06, 2006


Another Famous Appletonian: Heimo Korth, Now of Arctic Circle Fame

Appleton was the hometown of Heimo Korth, the subject of the popular and highly acclaimed book, The Final Frontiersman by James Campbell of Lodi, Wisconsin. Heimo Korth left Appleton in the 1970s to live north of the Arctic Circle, many miles away from any other human. In fact, Heimo is one of only seven hunter-trappers with a permit living in the huge Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (about 20 million acres). He lives with his wife from Alaska and two daughters. They are 130 miles above the Arctic Circle, the only settlers for more than 500 miles (and they are 250 miles from the nearest road).

It's an amazing story of survival and courage. And it makes Appleton seem far less remote and much less cold!

(Hat tip to the Post-Crescent for carrying a note on the book.)