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Saturday, April 15, 2006



You don't need a florist to find fresh flowers in Appleton now. This week the daffodils emerged, starting around Tuesday, as I recall. Here's a fresh shot from my front yard (click to enlarge slightly):

If you are looking for florists, we have a lot to choose from. Most recently I've used Memorial Florists and Greenhouse at 2320 S. Memorial Drive (near Valley Fair Mall) and KaBloom, a store in the strip mall just west of the Darboy Wal-Mart on Calumet Avenue. Very happy with both. Sorry to see the KaBloom has closed.
The KaBloom store has shut it's doors for good. If you are downtown Charles the Florist and Branching Out are excellent forists. Charles is very traditional while Brnaching Out is verty contemporary.
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