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Wednesday, December 28, 2005


Another Mystery Photo: What's the Source of These Flames?

Congratulations to Will Weider, CIO of Affinity Health System, for identifying the mystery photo posted yesterday. OK, as Will noted, the previous mystery photo was probably too easy (the file name of the photo gave a big clue). Yes, it was from Regal Cinema on College Avenue, just east of Appleton. Regal, by the way, is a good theatre that tends to have smaller crowds than Hollywood Cinema - an important factor if you're worried about a show being sold out. We went to Hollywood to see the Chronicles of Narnia on Dec. 27 and couldn't get in a few minutes before showtime, but then drove to Regal for the same movie a few minutes later and it was only half full. (Awesome movie, by the way. I am deeply moved by the powerful imagery of the sacrifice of Aslan for the traitor Edmund, but I'm sure many will be appalled by the religious message.)

Anyway, here is another mystery photo from Appleton, taken just a few weeks ago. Can you tell me the event and the source of the flames?

Christmas Parade! Appleton Balloonist Group or whatever their name is.
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