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Wednesday, December 14, 2005


Heavy Snow: Check Your Tires!

Today Appleton got over 6 inches of snow in our heaviest snowstorm of the season so far. Whenever there is much snow, we have drivers spinning out of control and heading into ditches, median strips, or curbs. The photo above shows one such example that I saw today (snapped the photo while waiting in traffic).

Here's one vital driving safety tip: check your tires. Worn tires are terrible in snow. I just got some new inexpensive tires at Autotrust on south Oneida Street for my Toyota Camry. What a difference the new tires have made for my winter driving. I was sliding a lot before the change, and now feel like I'm in a 4-wheel drive vehicle. Of course, driving more slowly is the most important winter safety tip. But you've got to have good tires to stay in control.

One more tip: the offramp from Highway 441 northbound onto College Avenue can ice up and make it terribly difficult to stop. It's a long downhill ramp, and when it's iced over, you run a high risk of losing control. Be careful there!

And if you've had more than one beer in the lest few hours, stay off the road. Just my opinion!
I have some fun pictures from that storm on my Weather Underground gallery:
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