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Wednesday, December 14, 2005


A Visit to Springz

Springz is a new entertainment center just west of Appleton at 1160 North Mayflower between the Mall and the airport (from College Avenue, turn north onto McCarthy Drive and then right on Mayflower, and then continue for about a block). Interesting place. Has laser tag, indoor go-carts, arcade games, and an indoor rock climbing facility. I've included two photos of the rock climbing tower (my son, Ben, is climbing in the photo on the left). It has a more natural look and feel than other rock climbing facilities I've seen, but Vertical Stronghold in Appleton offers greater course variety and experienced experts to help you. The Springz tower uses an auto-belay system, so you can go there by yourself and climb.

My boys told me that the laser tag there had some bugs and was not as good as LaserQuest by Media Play in Appleton. For one thing, it lacks the mist in the air that lets you see the laser beams easily.

I heard that the simulated golf system was pretty good but it's expensive - $20 an hour.

The indoor go-carts looked pretty fun. Relatively high speed, in my opinion.

One perk for adults with laptops is that there is a wireless network system for free Internet access while your kids play.

Overall, an interesting and pretty fun place.

You may also wish to read a review in the Post-Crescent.

Isn't there a restaurant and bar there, too?
Just heard (as of 1/11/06) that Springz has closed its doors, terminated all employees, and will file for bankruptcy.
The story really was it never opened ever!
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