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Sunday, December 04, 2005


Hmong New Year's Day Coming Dec. 10 in Appleton

Appleton East High School will host the spectacular Hmong New Year's Celebration on Dec. 10 - that's this Saturday. I believe it runs from 10 AM to 8 PM. I recommend showing up around 11 AM to catch Hmong dancing and food. Bring your camera! A lot of great photo ops will abound.

Appleton has about 4,000 Hmong people, I think. Many Appleton residents include Hmong people among their friends, but some don't yet know much about these immigrants from Asia. Did you know that the Hmong people, originally from northern Laos, are here because of genocidal persecutions against them for their valiant role in fighting for the United States in a once-secret part of the Vietnam War? I tell some of their story in my page on the tragedy of the Hmong people. I've also got a photo album of the Hmong people in Wisconsin at Sanity Defense.