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Friday, December 23, 2005


Authors from Appleton

Appleton has hosted a number of authors over the years, including Edna Ferber, who spent her childhood here. A former Appleton resident is now getting some good publicity for his book on management. I refer to Dr. Ted Farrington, formerly a professor at the Institute of Paper Chemistry and then a Director at Kimberly-Clark and an executive at the former Fort James Corporation. He is now a Senior Director at Johnson and Johnson. His book is What Do I Do Now?: Becoming a 21st-Century Leader. It is aimed for those in management, and provides some key insights into management styles with practical guidance about how to motivate and empower employees and resist the urge to micromanage. I just purchased an electronic copy of the book for $3.95. The paperback is slightly more. It's a short book, about 40 pages. Definitely a worthwhile read with some fresh perspectives. It has drawn the attention of some significant people, including at least one business school.

If you're aware of other recent books from Appleton folks or former Appleton residents, please let me know.
Ted Farrington has a book? That's terrific.
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