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Friday, September 08, 2006


Brewed Awakening: Great Place for Gelato

Brewed Awakening is a small coffee shop and cafe in the heart of Appleton (107 E. College Avenue, Appleton) with a fine selection of baked items and especially gelato and sorbet. I sampled a couple unusual flavors, including "Olive Oil and Sea Salt" (just a touch of both ingredients - not strong at all) and settled for a mix of "Blueberry Pancake" and Lemon Sorbet. $3 for a small, $4 for a large serving. My son and I shared a large and were pretty pleased.

This was dessert after one of our favorite low-cost means, gyros at the Gyros Kabob (118 Soldiers Square - a tiny shop tucked between buildings on the backside of College Avenue in Soldiers Square). I noted that they've added a new selection, the "Cheater Gyro" for semi-vegetarians who can't resist the great taste of gyro meat. It's a veggie-heavy pita with a couple strips of gyro meat. Now that's great marketing! I had one and really enjoyed it.

Brewed Awakening and Gyros Kabob are just a short walk apart.
yes brewed awakenings is not only a great place to get great gelato but it is also has a very friendly and laid back environment and the staff always makes you want to come back for more
Brewed Awakenings is in my opinion the coolest coffee shop in the valley. The atmosphere is great as well as the coffee and food selection.

Keep up the great work!
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