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Tuesday, February 14, 2006


Apollon Surprises and Delights East Coast Visitors

An acquaintance of mine recently had visitors from the East Coast spend some time with her here in Appleton. The visitors were joking about what they would be able to find for dinner in a Midwest town like Appleton, thinking that Pizza Hut would the most elevated cuisine that our "flyover village" might offer. My acquaintance took them to Apollon, (207 N Appleton St., just a few yards west of the Appleton public library, as their map indicates - (920) 739-1122). Apollon offers high-quality authentic Greek food in a pleasant setting, an excellent choice for visitors used to high culinary standards.

As they were enjoying some impressive food, beautiful notes from a female voice sounded in the background. At first they thought it was recorded music being played over a sound system, but they soon noticed this was live. In fact, a fabulous singer was providing live operatic entertainment in their restaurant - and it was tremendously beautiful. It turns out that the woman was a Greek opera star whose son attends Lawrence University, and she was visiting him that week. While in town that night, she kindly offered a little operatic flare for her fellow Greeks at Apollon.

The visitors were wowed at the combination of food and entertainment they found in Appleton. My acquaintance shrugged her shoulders and said, "Yeah, just a typical night in Appleton."

Apollon is very popular for dinner before a big event at the Performing Arts Center (they do accept reservations, and you'll need them after 6 PM when a big show is playing in town).If you're going there for carry out, check out their online coupon.
OK! Iam getting bold to post!
You GO Appleton and Apollon!
I am sick and tired of the Wi jokes I get in Los Angeles! Appleton is the greatest, and it's dining!
So true! Appleton has amazing places to eat.
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