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Friday, September 22, 2006


America's Hotspot for Welding: Miller Electric of Appleton, Wisconsin

Miller Electric is one of Appleton's major employers, a world-class company leading the welding industry. I had a tour in one of their facilities earlier this year through an event for Scouting and was highly impressed with the history of innovation at this company. Welding is one of the world's most vital industries, and the advanced technologies it requires are diverse and fascinating. I've met a number of Miller's recent hires and am also impressed with the high caliber of people they being into the company.

Plasma cutters, arc welders, wire feeders, spot welders, submerged arc welders, and welding with a variety of technology (flux cored welding, for example) are among the many products Miller Electric offers. Great company - glad we've got you in the Valley!