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Saturday, September 16, 2006


Giant Appleton Home in the News

A huge Appleton home is in the news this morning, featured on the front page of the Living Well section of the newspaper. The 13,000-square-foot home of Deb and John Carew has some amazing features such as an inside basketball court. It's a beautiful mansion indeed.
Above the mahogany bar is more Badgers memorabilia, as well as flat-panel screens for watching college football. Opposite the bar is a home theater area, and nearby is a seating area for guests who would rather chat about things other than the Badgers' offense.

To house a basketball court, swimming pool, whirlpool and other rec room amenities, the Carews had to build a huge home. It didn't start out that large when they began planning it in May 2005, but design changes made the house grow, and keep on growing. . . .
I hope the Carews plan on staying in this area for a long time! At least right now, the housing market is pretty painful for sellers, but wonderful for buyers.
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