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Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Appleton Prides Itself on Integrity - In Spite of Some Sad Exceptions

One of the things I really love about Appleton is the tradition of integrity and honesty among its residents. Theft does occur, but it's rare, and the vast majority of people are remarkably decent and honest folks, in my opinion.

The exceptions, though are painful. Tonight's local headline story is the conviction of an ex-principal from West High School in Appleton. Chad Welch faces probation and jail time for theft of almost $25,000 from the Appleton School District while he was principal. How sad! After all the years of school and work it took to reach that position, he has thrown away years of good income in a respected position for a small handful of cash.

I hope we will all be reminded of the importance of constant honesty in our work, and the need to resist temptations to take advantage of employers or others. A small amount of greed can do a lifetime of harm (or even more harm than that, depending on your religious views).
Appleton is poor, run down, and desperate. This is the kind of thing you can expect in such a sad and decrepit place, where resources and opportunities are so scarce.
Obviously this person has no idea of what Appleton is.
There are many opportunities here depending on your field of work. Also it is a beautiful city, with beautiful parks, wonderful programs and many opportunities for exposure to the arts, nicely diverse, where there is a strong work ethic and a lot of pride.
I think it is wrong of you to instantly write off Chad Welch as a horrible person! Yes, what he did was wrong, however he is a good person! He didn't just steal the money out of greed. He was having serious financial problems resulting from his move to Appleton, and made a bad decision. He intended to pay it back and did. People make mistakes.
TMC, help me out. What are you responding to? I never said he's a horrible person. I recognize the people make mistakes - but what a price to pay! There is no dispute that his conviction was for a problem related to a lack of integrity, in spite of intentions to pay it back. Obviously, he was a trusted and respected person, not a horrible monster. But now he's lost more than he tried to take. Ouch.
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